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In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), we are announcing a voluntary recall of all Tread+ units due to a risk of serious injury or death caused by the Tread+ pulling and entrapping users, children, pets or objects beneath the treadmill.

  • If you wish to return your Tread+, we are offering a full refund through November 6, 2023, or a prorated refund if you return your Tread+ after that date. The team will reach out in the coming weeks to schedule your return.

  • Wait for Free Repair: Peloton continues working closely with the CPSC to have an approved guard available for you free of charge. In the interim, we recommend you immediately stop using your Tread+.    

  • Alternatively, at your request, we will relocate the Tread+ to a location in your home where access by children or pets is restricted, free of charge.

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